Concept Delivery Thesis

The VJM Concept Delivery thesis is concerned with the delivery (or the teaching) of a concept from the concept prevalent domain (or teacher) to the concept reception domain (or student). Unlike the delivery of a parcel from Point-A to Point-B (which is unilateral in delivery mode) the Concept Delivery Thesis has many other delivery forms which makes it multilateral in concept delivery methodology. The Concept Delivery thesis, by design and function, advocates multiple concept delivery forms to guarantee a greater capacity for a concept to be (receivable or) understandable by any student. For each instance of a concept’s understanding, the Concept Delivery thesis presents a precise [concept] understandability target. An understandability target is a statement (or paragraph) which is designed to deliver a (discrete concept) deterministic meaning. In simple English, concept delivery is the teaching of any concept. Concepts range from a simple concept, complex concept, compound concept, hierarchical concept to a conglomerate concept. A compound concept not only has a main clause but it may also have a schema (/framework for filtering), a notation, a few instances, a particular vernacular and lastly, a concrete meaning. The preceding text for starters is what the VJM Concept Delivery Thesis is all about and more. This thesis aims to achieve the following discrete goals:

  • Enhance the teacher’s capacity to teach any concept in mass.
  • Enhance a student’s intellectual capacity to learn a new concept.
  • Narrow cast the academic divide between the teacher and the student in all academic (domains or) avenues of

tutorial dynamics.

  • Introduce new learning pre-dispositions.
  • Delineate the role of Grammar, Rhetoric, Oratory, Etymology and Dialectics.
  •   Present concept delivery protocols of the 21st Century in teaching.
  • Present the Taxonomy and sources of some Concepts of Origin.
  • Denote the clarification of thought by linguistic expression.
  • Introduce a Structured Concept Analysis model which can help upgrade a student’s Analytical IQ from scholastic

grade to higher scholastic grades.

  • Helps in the De-Capsulation of ignorance and inherent detect-ability of misconceptions.
  • Help with the analysis of a “ratio” [or thought] and its “oratio” [or the expression of that thought].

The VJM Concept Delivery thesis can be taught (primarily at overview level) as a presentation for half-a-day (or 4 hours). This presentation is available at a cost. Academic institutions or government organizations which have a need for this service can initiate this process by sending a message to Vincent Mthimunye at the email address below.

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Vincent Mthimunye believes in his analogy “Let each man grow wiser by day” and for today shares the analogy below.

Virtute regere, nam virtus est optima vitae dux.                                                                 Ancient Latin
Be ruled by virtue, for virtue is the greatest leader in life.                                               Modern English