Advanced Education Methods

Welcome to the VJM [Vincent John Mthimunye] site. The objective of this web site is to provide academic tutorial services (some at a cost) as listed.
It also provides tutorial solutions which narrow the gap of learning to pupils.

α. An Academic Solution Set for learning and teaching concepts.

A set of new methods and techniques designed to eliminate the tutorial disconnect between students and teachers in a scholastic environment.
This is an enhancement solution to address U.S.A. Education problems.

β. IBM Computer Science Presentations

An IBM Computer Science presentation which covers many symmetric multiprocessors originating from IBM including IBM operating
systems and systems engineering tailored for university level audiences.

γ. Presentation of the Greatest Good : Student Character Training

How do you change an evil idea embedded inside a student’s mind? You have no means of erasing it from outside the student’s brain. What you
need is a collection of good ideas which can be taught to the student (in that way enter the student’s mind) to defeat (or eliminate) that evil idea.
This is one way to defeat the multiple cause problem whereby a student is harboring evil ideas which can lead him to harm other students. This
presentation which covers the greatest good, trains each student’s mind to do good for the good of all mankind. This is essential character training.

δ. Vincent Mthimunye’s CIS Training by Skills Measurement Matrix

Vincent has 35 years IBM mainframe computer experience. That experience is presented in a skills measurement matrix which showcases his expertise.

ε. Vincent Mthimunye’s Scholastic Qualifications and Credentials

This section covers Vincent Mthimunye’s scholastic attendance from the age of elementary school to his Masters Degrees in Computer Science.

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