Vincent John Mthimunye Academics

The greatest challenge facing concept delivery (or teaching a concept) is tutorial efficiency and consistency coupled with tutorial uniformity. The single most important question in teaching is “How can a particular concept be efficiently taught (in equally the same way) by every teacher to each student as such achieving the same understanding to each student?” After completing his Masters Degree in Computer Science (from the University of Massachusetts) Vincent Mthimunye wrote more than half-a-dozen theses which are provided on this site in summary form to address this question. These theses make up a new school subject which can be taught to teachers and students alike to narrow the concept tutorial disconnect gap. In no particular sequence, the theses are listed below as shown. Please proceed to each summary of any such thesis to get the overall information about that thesis and its objectives and academic benefits to every student

(a) The Concept Delivery Thesis.      
(b)The Education Systems Thesis.   
(c)The Conceptualization Thesis.            
(d) The Reasoning and Argumentation Thesis.   
(e) The Curriculum-To-Curriculum Generic Logic Thesis.

The VJM Academics subject is both an academic renaissance (or education rebirth) and an academic genesis (a new beginning) for looking at concept delivery processes. For the most part the VJM Academics is an enhancement if not an add on to how concepts are taught and how they are learned. Below is a list of related goals from the VJM Academics.

“VJM Academics” Goals

  • Expand and enhance the range of the Academic Scope.
  • Innovate and Accelerate Concept Reception Capacity.
  • Renovate and Innovate the academic actors on the ground.
  • Increase and Accelerate Learning Protocols.
  • Introduce and Entrench : Curriculum-To-Curriculum Generic Logic.
  • Introduce and Entrench : Systems of Thought, Logic and Reason.
  • Delineate and Denote Differences in Proof Systems.
  • Proliferate an End-To-End Academic Tutorial Infrastructure.