Systems Engineering Delegates

The (session or) class of IBM Systems Engineering School which Vincent attended was started in January 1982 and ended in August 1985. Normally the Systems Engineering School started each year for a period of three years and 32 courses (in Vincent’s case).

The picture shown above was taken during the last week of the System Engineering School class Vincent attended (during August 1985) in a town called Honey Dew, which is in Johannesburg, South Africa. Below are the names of the delegates and instructors of this class :

Back Row (Delegates Only) :  Sidney Harris, Richard Turner, Barry Stuart, Mike Bredenkamp, Vaugh van der Berg, Uwe Sager, Vincent Mthimunye.

Middle Row (Delegates Only) : Vanessa Loubser, Dee Muller, Andrew Fiddes, Campbell Esplin, Kevin O’Mahony, Ingred Puchert,Sally Gilkison.

Front Row (Mixed Participants) : Steve Gray (Course Instructor), Jane Mennel (Delegate), Harry Wessels (Course Instructor), Selwyn van der Veen (Country Systems Engineering Manager), Martin Smith(Class Manager), John van Rensburg (Course Instructor), Audrey Leong (Delegate), Mario De Melo (Course Instructor).