IBM Mainframe Computer Science Presentation

IBM mainframes technology is not going away any time soon. In fact through some sophisticated messaging and queuing architectures, IBM in the mid 1990s, managed to redirect distributed (or non-mainframe platform) workloads back to the mainframe platform. They (IBM) accomplished this feat by creating the software products known as Websphere [or WAS – Websphere Application Server] and MQS [Messaging and Queuing Series]. In the meantime, while all this was happening, universities in the United States still did not offer IBM Mainframe Technology courses to students to empower them with IBM mainframe expertise to render them commercially competitive for mainframe jobs. In lieu of this student knowledge vacuum, Vincent Mthimunye is offering a one-full-day IBM mainframe course (at a cost) to help re-position interested students towards IBM mainframe technology employment. IBM mainframe technology has now advanced to a coupling technology called Parallel Sysplex and even beyond that, when looking back over the past 15 years of IBM symmetric multiprocessor progression. The IBM mainframe technology has now advanced to the point where a collection of Parallel Sysplex’es can be remotely coupled to compose what is called a GDPS [or Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex]. In any event all this is now water under the bridge. Students who learned Solaris or other Unix based operating systems cannot apply for jobs on a Parallel Sysplex. The objective of this presentation is to begin to position any interested students to learn this technology in order to stay commercially competitive in the job market. Vincent Mthimunye offers a (full day) lecture which covers the following topics, to help position any interested students:

  • IBM Computer Science and Computer Engineering.
  •  IBM Symmetric Multiprocessor Coupling.
  • IBM Parallel Sysplex Technology.
  •  IBM Mainframe Operating Systems.
  • IBM JCL [Job Control Language].
  •  IBM MVS Systems Utilities.
  • IBM Dataset Types and Related Access Method.
  • IBM DBMS [ Database Management Subsystems].
  • IBM Websphere Application Server architecture.
  • IBM Messaging and Queuing technology.

The  IBM [Mainframe] Computer Science presentation can be taught (at overview level) for the duration of a full day. And more, this presentation is available at a cost. Academic institutions (and government organizations) which have a need for this service can initiate this process by sending a request message to Vincent Mthimunye at the email address below.



Free Presentation: There is a free presentation on the topic of “The Greatest Good” which can be made by Vincent Mthimunye to scholastic audiences. This is an enhancement  to student (good behavior or) character training. During these days when (some) students have shown to possess the capacity to hurt other students, more character training (and good behavior modeling) can help and is of greater value to the preservation of life. Beyond that this presentation can be used to assess Vincent’s skills and open the door to other cost based presentations (or seminars for that matter). Vincent Mthimunye believes in his analogy “Let each man grow wiser by day” and for today shares the analogy below.

Semper labora, nam perseverantia omnia vincit.                            Ancient Latin

Always work, for perseverance binds all things.                             Modern English