Curriculum-To-Curriculum Generic Logic Thesis

Curriculum-To-Curriculum-Generic-Logic concerns itselves with any knowledge which is portable from one curriculum to another by remaining assessment generic, application generic and of major significance implementation generic. This type of knowledge is equally applicable across different curricula and as such enables faster learning. The objective of this thesis is to introduce CTCGL as a subject such that it can be used in scholastic forums for slack students as curriculum middleware. When a student attends a class in Mathematics, and finds a concept he does not understand, given the presence of a CTCGL class later in the day, the student can learn concept reconnection logic to help connect to the concept he misunderstood in the Mathematics class earlier. The CTCGL class is there to only create a roadmap for the student to utilize (in an effort) to understand the concept that was not understood. In addition to that, other techniques can also be taught in the CTCGL class which may help such students to assimilate to any misunderstood concepts in any formula subject. CTCGL covers and elaborates on the following aspects of curriculum middleware :

  • Generic knowledge which can be used across many (scholastic subjects or) curricula.   
  • The enhancement of autonomous learning for each student to upgrade learning capacity.
  • Re-enterable and re-fresh-able methods of learning in the analysis of those concepts which are difficult to learn.
  • Development of self sufficiency in learning and upgrade of (a standalone) intelligence (IQ) quotient.
  • Equip the student with a learning method which has omnem prospectum.        
  • Teaching a student about verbosity which is multiplices verborum to help eliminate ambiguity and obscurity.
  • The sustainability of learning (and knowledge) depends on the upgradeability of learning skills.  

Omnem prospectum   A view to all directions.

Multiplices verborum.   Different words which share a common meaning.

The  VJM Curriculum-To-Curriculum Generic Logic Thesis can be taught (at overview level) as a presentation for half-a-day or 4 hours. This presentation is available at a cost. Academic institutions or government organizations which have a need for this service can initiate this process by sending a message to Vincent Mthimunye at the email address below.                                                                                       


Free Presentation: There is a free presentation on the topic of “ The Greatest Good” which can be made by Vincent Mthimunye to scholastic audiences. This is an enhancement  to student (good behavior or) character training. During these days when (some) students have shown to possess the capacity to hurt other students, more character training (and good behavior modeling) can help and is of greater value to the preservation of life. Beyond that this presentation can be used to assess Vincent’s skills and open the door to other cost based presentations (or seminars for that matter).

Vincent Mthimunye believes in his analogy “Let each man grow wiser by day” and for today shares the analogy below.

Legibus parete, virtutem amate, vincula amicitiae firmate.           Ancient Latin

Obey laws, love virtue, bind (or hold) friendships firmly.              Modern English