Conceptualization Thesis

The VJM Conceptualization Thesis conducts a psychologically intensive introspection of the process of learning a new concept by a human mind.  In analyzing the “single cycle thinking mode” of the mind from the point of initial concept delivery to the point where the understanding of the concept reaches complete concept conception mode. Complete concept conception mode is the state whereby the human mind has learned all the properties of the incoming concept such that the knowledge of that particular concept is functionally complete. Which means everything about the incoming concept is now comprehensively understood by that human mind. The Conceptualization Thesis is based on the VJM Conceptualization Theory which entails the analysis of stepwise processes the mind (incidentally) traverses through from the stage when the concept is delivered (/unknown) to the point where the concept is completely known and understood. This process is complex and hazardous hence Vincent developed a method he called Question Set Theory to analyze it. Amongst other things the VJM Conceptualization Thesis concerns itselves with the following aspects of human learning :                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • Thought processes and the de-capsulation of concept learning phases.
  • The consecutive phases of thinking a person’s mind traverses through to analyze and understand a concept.
  • Comprehensive self introspection logic within a human being’s Analytical IQ [based on Question Set Theory].
  • Single–cycle thought processing in the psychological assimilation phase of learning a new concept.
  • The VJM Conceptualization Theory.
  • Concept definitions, concept properties, qualifications and understandability targets.
  • Story Telling Compliant concepts (from a psychological standpoint) and Story Telling Resistant concepts.
  • Modeling Behavior Compliant concepts and Modeling Behavior Resistant concepts.                                                                                                                                                                             

The  VJM Conceptualization Thesis can be taught (primarily at overview level) as a presentation for half-a-day (or 4 hours). This presentation is available at a cost. Academic institutions or government organizations which have a need for this service can initiate this process by sending a request message to Vincent Mthimunye at the email address below.                                                                                                          


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Vincent Mthimunye believes in his analogy “Let each man grow wiser by day” and for today shares the analogy below

Boni oderunt peccare virtutis amore.                                                 Ancient Latin

Good men hate to sin from (their) love of virtue.                            Modern English